The Studio Artists at the Brush Gallery are pleased to announce their upcoming 38th annual group show entitled “CHROMA.” The 9 Artists have brightened things up by creating a variety of exciting works that express perceptions and relationships of tone and hue as elements of color.

CHROMA is an uplifting treat for both the eyes, and the soul this fall. The Brush Studio Artists invite you to explore the effects that color can have on all of us through art. Their work will be on view in the Brush Art Gallery as well as via a virtual online Gallery for the very first time.​​​​​​​

September 19November 1, 2020
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Lowell, MA -- The “Benefits of Lowell’s Urban Environment” exhibition is a collection of photos, paintings, and posters resulting from a series of activities designed to bring awareness of the urban environment to our community. In addition, local artists were invited to exhibit their own examples. Funded by the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation, the series included partnerships with Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Lowell Cemetery, Lowell National Historical Park, and Lowell High School. 
July 1- 26, 2020
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